Unexpected treasures

In the mountains, as elsewhere, waste has various impacts on the natural environment, ranging from water and soil pollution to more direct harm to wildlife. Cigarette butts, bottles, plastic packaging, cans or even mobile phones: the melting snow often reveals many surprises. Some of these findings are more like treasures:


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Awareness campaign

Since its creation in 2001, Summit Foundation has developed about fifteen awareness campaigns, visible particularly in ski resorts and at major events, which aim to inform about environmental issues and encourage behavioural change.

Ecological Solutions


The objective of Summit Foundation is to reduce the environmental impact of human activity in high traffic locations by proposing concrete solutions and awareness-raising methods, both to public bodies and to companies.

Days of clean-up

National operation for collecting waste

After each ski season – as soon as the snow melts – an impressive quantity of waste is strewn about the fields and pastures.

The Foundation

Mission and activities

Summit FOUNDATION’s mission is the reduction of the environmental impact of human activities, in particular leisure activities, in high traffic locations.


The recycled pocket ashtray made in Switzerland

Made in Switzerland out of recycled tinplate, the Ecobox is a pocket waste bin that is both practical and durable. Fully customizable, it is distributed through numerous events and by companies and public bodies as a solution within a programme that fights littering, as a portable pocket ashtray or simply as a little gift.