Waste sorting is now part of daily life in urban centres, at events, in public spaces and in the professional environment.

Existing systems are often inefficient: users throw away their waste without paying too much attention to it and, not infrequently, into the false bin. The quality of the sorting thus obtained does not then allow the recycling of the collected waste, which ends up being incinerated.

Summit Foundation reinvents waste sorting

With the sorting column, our NGO offers a completely new sorting system. The user is confronted with a vertical piece of furniture, as opposed to the traditional sorting bins lined up side by side. With this novelty, the sorting quality jumps to more than 93%, which ensures a second life for the waste within the recycling channels.

An environmentally friendly solution

Beyond the sorting problems it helps to solve, the waste sorting column also integrates environmental protection into its design: from the use of durable materials to the optimisation of volumes to limit the amount of material, via a system of interchangeable faceplates for rapid modification of the types of waste to be sorted.

In addition, the waste sorting column is manufactured entirely in a sheltered workshop in Switzerland, which also gives it a social value.

To find out more about the Summit Foundation waste sorting column, download the presentation brochure.

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