The objective of Summit Foundation is to reduce the environmental impact of human activity in high traffic locations by proposing concrete solutions and awareness-raising methods, both to public bodies and to companies.

Created in 2001, Summit Foundation is an independent not-for-profit Swiss foundation recognized as promoting the public interest.


The Foundation focuses its activities on 3 areas:

  • Enhancing awareness and education with respect to the environment: poster campaigns in ski resorts, learning game “Mission Dahu”
  • Developing concrete solutions: pocket waste bins, terminals for waste sorting, playful wall-mounted ashtrays
  • Organising waste collection operations: support for organisers of collection days, corporate volunteer actions, events for the general public

Current projects

Clean-Up Tour

For the first time ever, Summit Foundation has decided to bring together mountain waste collection days around a single identity: the Clean-Up Tour. This Tour will increase the impact of the various actions by bringing them together. All over Switzerland, ski resorts invite the population to clean-up mountains after the winter season. You will find alle dates and registration possibilities on our new website: www.cleanuptour.ch.

New awareness campaign

In winter 2018-2019, Summit Foundation launched its new comic-book bubbles style campaign to increase public awareness for environmental preservation in mountains. The bubbles have been completely redesigned in order to inform ski station visitors without moralizing them about the danger of littering. To this date, about fifty ski lifts have been equipped with the new bubbles in French, German and English.