Visit the toilets with the best view in the world!

Throughout the summer, Summit Foundation is installing a travelling dry toilet in 4 iconic destinations. This toilet is equipped with windows that allow users to enjoy the breathtaking views of our mountains. Don’t worry, a curtain allows you to enjoy the place in complete privacy!

What is the aim of “Toilets with a View”? To make hikers and mountain bikers aware of the issues raised by human excrements in nature: water pollution, infectious risks for fauna or disturbance of other users.

The little extra: the collected excrement is transformed into biogas, a renewable and CO2 neutral fuel!


Picture: David Zamut | Montage: Studio Kanulart
Would you like to discover this exceptional little place?

The dry toilet will be installed according to the following schedule:

And when nature calls and there is a view, but no toilet?

Follow two simple rules:

  1. Move at least 70m away from the nearest watercourse
  2. Leave no trace:
    • Bury the excrement, if there is no soil, cover it with stones
    • Take the paper away or bury it as well (avoid burning it to avoid the risk of fire).
    • Use toilet paper instead of tissues and anvoid wet wipes which decompose very slowly.
    • To clean your hands, use hydro-alcoholic gel instead of water fountains or cattle troughs.

Pictures: @dbozz3

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